NCK Dongle Shell v1.0 Released [17-03-2015]


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Feb 13, 2012
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NCK Dongle Shell v1.0
Making Things Easy for Our Valuable Users

- Update Scenario to Update a Particular Module Files Only
- Driver DownloaderUpdate Scenario
If you wish to update files related to any particular module only, then select that Module Name in Update Scenario List. If you wish to update all as usual, select ---ALL--- which is selected by default.

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Driver Downloader
A simple tool to detect USB devices on your system. No more need to check which driver is needed. Simply find all devices with driver issue, or even device with no driver loaded. Just a few clicks and it will try to identify your device automatically and will allow you to download its driver if found.

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[x] Find
- Click it and it will display list of all USB Device ever connected to your PC. Tick Bad Devices Only Checkbox if you need to find devices only with driver issues or with not drivers. Tick Connected Device Only if you want list of USB Devices which are currently connected to your PC. If you tick both Checkbox then it will list only currently connected devices with driver issues.

[x] Detect
- Click this button and then connect your USB Device like phone etc and it will try to detect to it and show in list. If Only Bad Devices is ticked then it will list Device only if that device is not properly installed. If Only Bad Devices is not ticked, it will list all devices which it detected.

[x] Identify
- When device list is populated, you need to click this button. Software will connect to server to fetch information of listed devices. If a device was identified by server, you will see its description and Driver name in Status column. A "Y" in Get column means you can download that driver. If you don not want to download that particular driver, simply double click on that device and "Y" will disappear.

[x] Download
- When device identification has been completed and Driver name has been populated, you can download driver by click on Download button. All drivers will be downloaded in Drivers folder inside Download Location path (check in Installers page).

[x] Save Log
- If you find out that some devices were not identified by Server, you can save log and post it our support section so that we can update Identification System and provide you driver.

[x] Clear - Clear Device list.

[x] Explore - Driver download location will open in Windows Explorer.

(1) If you are using Auto Updater feature, please keep note that you can update your Installation to latest update when you see Update News page in Shell is updated.
(2) Always update Shell Database with Update Database Option in Auto Updater Page. It will help you to find if a Model is supported and if yes, then in which module. Searching in shell before post will save time for both of us.
Download NCK Dongle Shell v1.0 Setup from Support Area by NCK Dongle Main Module > Settings > Go Support


Use Shell > Installer Page to download.

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