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New 10.9-inch iPad will have no Home button, rumor claims

Discussion in 'Apple - What's New?' started by Alaina, Nov 29, 2016.

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    We've been hearing a lot of rumors lately about Apple prepping a new tablet that will have a slightly bigger screen than the iPad Pro 9.7. This might ship with a 10.5-inch panel, according to some sources, or a 10.9-inch display, as others say. Either way, it will have more screen real estate than Apple's 9.7-inch offerings.

    A new report purportedly coming from "an informed source in Taiwan" claims that the 10.9-inch iPad will be the first Apple device to not have a Home button. Unfortunately, there are absolutely no details as to how this will work in practice, and what the company plans to replace the Home button with (say, a virtual one, or some more gestures).

    This iPad will also be near-bezelless, having roughly the same length and width as the current iPad Pro 9.7, while packing the bigger screen. The biggest bezel will be on the top, where the FaceTime camera can be found. The tablet will allegedly be 7.5mm thick. From the same source also comes news that the next iPad Pro 12.9 will be 7.2mm thick. A 7.9-inch iPad Pro is expected to replace the aging iPad mini 4 in Apple's portfolio, and all of these models will probably get official at a special event in March.

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