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No Android 5.1 builds are under development for the Galaxy Note 4 or any other Samsung device

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by Princess, Mar 30, 2015.

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    A new rumor is circulating on the internet that Samsung is currently developing Android 5.1 for the Galaxy Note 4, and is working on bringing the newer version of TouchWiz that debuted on the Galaxy S6 to its current phablet flagship. The rumor comes from YouMobile, a site that has often used SamMobile’s firmware files and information to spin stories of its own, stories that have always failed to materialize into something concrete.

    Well, thanks to our insiders, we can confirm that this rumor is as baseless as rumors that have come before. Our sources tell us that Samsung is not working on Android 5.1 for any of its devices at the moment, let alone the Galaxy Note 4. There is also no word of the company bringing the latest version of its UX to the Galaxy Note 4 with Android 5.1 – that is sure to disappoint owners of the device, but as it stands right now, the Note 4 should be staying on Android 5.0.x for the foreseeable future (though we sure are hoping Samsung can push out Lollipop for the fourth-generation Note flagship to more regions as soon as it possibly can.)

    As we reported earlier, Samsung’s main focus right now is to bring Android 5.0 to the Galaxy A lineup, but there is no concrete time frame for when the update will start rolling out. At this point, we can only say this – YouMobile shouldn’t be taken as a serious source for any Samsung-related information. Calling out a site by name in this fashion isn’t something we prefer doing, but given the numerous times YouMobile has tried to pull this off using what is published on SamMobile, we thought it was necessary to let our readers know that their information can be safely ignored as being based on pure speculation and hearsay.