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No Man's Sky gets major Foundation Update

Discussion in 'Game Consoles / Reviews' started by Gators, Nov 27, 2016.

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    The developers of No Man's Sky has released a major update for the game that brings some of the much needed features and depth to the gameplay.

    The update introduces three new modes. The Normal mode is the one you had previously for casual exploration. The Survival mode is the Normal mode with fewer resources and stronger, more aggressive enemies. Lastly, there is the Creative mode, which is the mean feature of this update. It gives you unlimited health and resources for world building purposes.

    You can now build in inhabitable base for yourself on any of the planets. You can stock resources here and hire alien lifeforms to help research new technology. You can also farm in here. You can teleport from the base station to the space stations anytime you want.

    You can also build a camp anywhere on the planet. Save points can now be placed anywhere in the world, and waypoints can be placed and color-coded to allow you to return to discoveries. You can also leave messages for other players of the game.

    You can also purchase freighters, which you can customize and use for transporting your good and resources. You can call your freighter from anywhere in the galaxy.

    The game also features new resources and technology. There are also some visual improvements on the PS4, such as added motion blur and temporal anti-aliasing, as well as some usability improvements to the UI. Apart from that there is a huge list of changes and improvements across the board.

    The v1.1 Foundation Update is now available on the PS4 and will be coming to the PC at a later date.