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Octoplus/Octopus Suite v.1.4.2 is out!

Discussion in 'Octoplus Box Products' started by Abi Wyeamn, Sep 23, 2016.

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    Jan 27, 2016
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    We have added new Samsung and Sony remote services!Octoplus/Octopus Suite v.1.4.2 Release Notes:
    • Samsung account activation lock bypass (110 credits)
    • Samsung USA AT&T - NCK+MCK / Unfreeze (110 credits)
    • AT&T USA Samsung (Factory Code) (70 credits)
    • Cricket USA Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime, S4,S5 and S6 (70 credits)
    • Sony Worldwide #1 (200 credits)
    • Sony Worldwide #2 (150 credits)
    • How to check your balance:
      1. Go to "Support & Options" tab in the Software
      2. Enter your Username (login) and Password
      3. Press "Check balance" button
    • How to submit your IMEI for unlock/check:
      1. Go to "Remote Service" tab in the Software
      2. Select required service type from drop down menu
      3. If you click on "Information" button, it would bring you a brief description of each service
      4. Type your IMEI number to IMEI field
      5. Press "Send request" button in the Software
      6. To check your request status click on "My Orders history"
    Download Octoplus/Octopus Suite v.1.4.2