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OSS-Client Ver 4.7 is out!! Samsung Galaxy S6 & More ••warm-up update!••

Discussion in 'Android Development and Hacking' started by JAFRI, Jun 22, 2015.

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    iPhone 6 Plus
    OSS-Client Ver 4.7 is out!!
    As usual, free for all.
    Non Need pay For Special Activation or Buy Special licence - Non Need Credits
    We are preparing New & fantastic Updates, for now I leave our "warm" Version

    Calculation/Direct Unlock/ & More In this "Warm-Up"
    More Information
    OSS-Client Ver 4.7 is out!! Samsung Galaxy S6 & More ••warm-up update!••
    Samsung Update Non root - for SPREATRUM Models
    •SM-G110B,SM-G110H,SM-G110M & More.. 00e8c30b437f87130c7d0066928a883a.gif

    Huawei Direct Unlock "OEM Method Updated" 21afe11d4f34164825ac4d7c75326e96.gif
    Huawei Calculation - •Huawei Ascend Y360 & More Supported 00e8c30b437f87130c7d0066928a883a.gif

    New Samsung SPRINT Models Added
    Galaxy S6••SM-G925T••

    Extra News
    Certificate Read/Write •Non Need Special Cable or Magic Resistor
    All Operation is Via USB-Data Cable
    Direct Unlock for The Last Samsung "S5,S6,Note4,A3,A7,A5,Note3,Ace3,Prime,Core & More" Non Need Root/Non Wipe/Non Special Files"
    Supported Android 5.0.x
    Supported Activation of Diag port In New Models...
    Samsung Galaxy A3 [SM-A300F]Direct Unlock!!!
    (no need to root the phone, no need wipe Security / EFS)