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PolarBox Update v363 - Samsung Update [13-05-2015]

Discussion in 'Polar Team Products' started by Ville, May 13, 2015.

  1. Ville

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    iPhone 6 Plus
    Polar Suite Update v3.6.3
    Panda Suite Update v1.8.1
    SAT Tool Update v1.5.6

    Official website : PolarBox Update v363 - [13-05-2015]
    Link direct download : http://www.polarbox2.net/downloads/P...pdate_v363.zip

    Samsung phones

    Important new :

    We have decreased credits for unlock Samsung phones from 10 polar credits to 2 polar credits (aprox. 0,80 euro)
    For sure, in the case that you have Samsung license, or gold license, procedures will be totally free, as usual
    This credits ONLY will be discounted in the case that you not have LICENSE 1 (Samsung/LG) or GOLD LICENSE
    In the next days, we will launch another update for other brands

    Samsung G313f G357f G386 G386f G386u G730a
    Samsung G850 G850a G850f G850h G850i G850m G850w G870w
    Samsung G900a G900d G900f G900t G900az G901 G901f
    Samsung G3502t G3815 G7105 G7105h
    Samsung I317 I317m I337 I337m
    Samsung I8580 I8730 I9195 I9205 I9250 I9295 I9505 I9506 I9515l
    Samsung N064 N900a N900d N900t N910g N915a N7105 N7505 N9005
    Samsung P605
    Samsung S6810p S7275r S7390g
    Samsung T337a T537a T707a T805 T999
    Samsung Galaxy Ace3
    Samsung Galaxy Ace3 LTE
    Samsung Galaxy Ace4 4G
    Samsung Galaxy Alpha
    Samsung Galaxy Core Advance
    Samsung Galaxy Core LTE
    Samsung Galaxy Express
    Samsung Galaxy Fame
    Samsung Galaxy Grand 2
    Samsung Galaxy Mega
    Samsung Galaxy Note EDGE
    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 LTE
    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Docomo SCF01F
    Samsung Galaxy Note3 N9005
    Samsung Galaxy Note3 Neo
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Active
    Samsung Galaxy S5 4G+
    Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE
    Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini
    Samsung Galaxy Tab3 4G-LTE
    Samsung Galaxy Tab3 SM-T217
    Samsung Galaxy Tab4 8.0
    Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1
    Samsung Galaxy Tab4 10.1 LTE
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE
    Samsung Galaxy Trend 3

    [+] New DIRECT UNLOCK method for this models (without ROOT needed!!)

    Samsung Galaxy Express
    Samsung Galaxy Mega
    Samsung I8730
    Samsung I9205
    Samsung I9505
    Samsung I9506
    Samsung I9195

    [+] Added REPAIR IMEI for this models

    Thanks in advance for your attention.
    With best regards,

    [ Polar Team ]
    [ Welcome to PolarBox website ]