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1. ROOT With : Kingo Android Root 1.3.6 | GSMdunya.com

2. Installation recovery:

1.Download the recovery and Put it in root of your SDCARD
2.Open Mobile uncle tools and select Recovery Update
3.Flash recovery file

  1. Purpose: This is a very important step before rom. Created 1 rom current backup on the memory card when dabble bar room hangs boot or malfunctions during rom there way back by Restore. If anyone has a backup in memory card can then skip this step.
  2. Procedure:
  • Empty 2G memory card (enough space to contain the backup).
  • There are 2 ways to enter the recovery to backup rom: The first is to chplay Quickboot load, on the app and then select Recovery grant root privileges. Method 2 power off press the power button + volume up key.
  • Once in the main interface of the Touch 6.5 Philz we choose Back and Restore -> Backup to / storage / sdcard 1 -> yes - continue Nandroid Job
  • -> Wait 5p is going to finish backup. After backup can be found on the memory card under the path ClockworkMod / backup / ... (here).
4. Up ROM:
  1. In recovery Philz Touch 6.5
  2. Wipe and format options (line 3)
  3. Select factory reset (line 1) / yes - wait then press return.
  4. wipe cache (row 2) / yes - wait then press return.
  5. wipe Dalvik / ART cache (line 3) / yes - wait then press back the main interface.
  6. Select install zip / choose zip from / storage / sdcard 1 (line 2) / find next rom and select yes.
  7. Wait 3 minutes to complete. Select Reboot (if asked what system they push back) machine will boot. First time a little long, takes about 3 minutes to up offline.
5. ROM V1.5 L DARK FOR QS550T:
  • Rom full root, full deodex, remove all unnecessary applications rac.
  • Optimize your entire system.
  • Rom very smooth, more free RAM.
  • Integrated ChompSMS - very nice messaging and a variety of options in the settings. Their own, the most attention to the interface and optional timer send messages of this process.
  • Integrated Dolby Digital Plus to create super cool sound effects.
  • The most notable point of this rom is Tweakbox - GravityBox [KK] Built-in settings - this is not for you to customize liver rom how much you like such as: custom lock screen, custom the status bar displays the network speed, double-screen status bar off, customizable soft keys ... etc ... hard key customization All works very stable then, I also can remember k how much more customizable.
  • Note: to GravityBox and other modules, the first work you have to install / Xposed installer / module: you tick off on the interface module further do.Tiep of Xposed -> press framework ( install / update) -> ok - this time the machine will automatically restart one or several times ---> Gravity box and the module is working.
  • With lots of customization but rom the light pole 234 Mb
* Link Rom:
- Link Fshare
* Some of the rom image:

16657226953_31d2e39835_o.png 17091288369_0a5ae0ccf8_o.png 17091294909_ca24286fa6_o.png 17251499036_4db3bf4dea_o.png 17277477895_75c7562cc5_o.png
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