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Z8 Qmobile Noir Z8 and Z8 Plus ROOTED & CUSTOM RECOVERY

Discussion in 'QMobile - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by M0YAL, Jul 11, 2015.

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    iPhone 6s

    Root Method
    The root script for Qualcom Chip is used using the method provided by www.wikoandco.com in their post.

    1. Download and Install the USB drivers first for your Noir Z8 or Z8 Plus.

    2. Enable USB debugging in your phone from Settings > Developer Options.

    3. Download the Auto root script from here and extract it in a folder on your PC.

    Download Link

    4. Connect your phone through USB cable.

    5. Browse to the folder where you extracted the Auto root script and run the “Root Wiko Ridge.BAT” file.

    6. Press any key to continue


    7. Follow the on screen instructions and your phone will reboot automatically and after it reboots you will have a Rooted Qmobile Noir Z8/Z8Plus

    TeamWin Recovery

    Teamwin recovery is same as the clockworkmod recovery. It is just different in interfacing as the teamwin project is based on touchscreen so you no longer need to use the recovery through volume buttons. But yes the clockwordmod backups doesnt work on teamwin and same teamwin backups dont work on clockwordmod.

    1. Download and install flashify from playstore.

    2. Download recovery zip from here and extract it on your PC.

    Z8 Recovery

    Z8 Plus Recovery

    3. Place the file into your phone’s SD card.

    4. Run flashify and recovery update option.

    5. Select recovery.img from your SD card and your phone will be updated with a new recovery.

    6. Method is tested so dont worry it wont brick your phone.

    Even after all this if you are unable to do achieve just hook up on gsmdunya we are right there.

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    i need qmobile z8 plus firmware, anyone share now pls