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remove icloud from active devices

Discussion in 'Apple - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by JAFRI, Nov 2, 2016.

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    iPhone 6 Plus
    sign out from icloud with in few seconds without any problem
    hey guys
    Note:don't ignore the thread and follow it step by step
    have you ever think about to put on off mode of i cloud which is not yours?
    today i am going to show you that how can we do it with in a few seconds the only active devices

    first of all on your Apple devices with ios 10 version and check as shown down


    make sure if there are installed firmware of ios 10 or up version ?
    and make sure that icloud is in on mode or off mode
    next step:


    next step: go to Settings > General > and scroll down in the end of display and push Reset and Reset All Settings
    don't worry in this way no app or other this thing will be deleted but only phone settings will go in default settings,the iPhone will be reseted and will restart in few seconds with default,


    now your idevice is in off mode
    Ecco after the iPhone is on you can see that the iPhone is with i cloud in off mode and you can sign out from icloud


    now the person which has stolen you idevice can sign in with his own i cloud id and use the idevice BUT here is the blunder of Apple software engineers who has failed to control icloud security and there is no need of network to reset your idevices
    now to control idevice please go to this link click here
    and put your imei number and you will see the icloud is in on mode on Apple server but on your device there is not anymore the previous icloud id but the new one which is inserted by you and with this method you can sign in with from 1 to unlimited ids and you will use it untill you flash the device and clicking here
    you can enter all new icloud ids and you will see that icloud will show you all the ids in on mode
    i would like to ask Apple management that which id they will find on there server the first one who has lost his idevice or the other 1000nds of ids which are signed in on idevice,

    i would like to ask any of my friends that before take idevices from clients to check if the icloud id is in off mode in front of customer because now there is no any security given by Apple about there products about icloud.

    now you can see the cleverness and wisdom of software engineers of Apple and i would like to ask to these genius that where is the Apple security towards idevices of consumers because with this method they have lost there fidelity from consumers

    anybody who reads this thread please share it with all of your friends because one student or a labor saves money for different months to buy Apple device because everyone knows that the Apple products are very costly and without doubt beautiful but not secure anymore and if he lost the device how will he feel after lost

    friends after you have read the thread can you please tell me if we are secure ?
    should we buy Apple devices ?
    should we trust Apple devices ?

    now here you can appreciate the thread if you think that it is useful and good,don't write anything but press thanks button