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Renders showing the next ZTE flagship smartphone leak out

Discussion in 'ZTE - What's New?' started by Princess, May 29, 2015.

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    ZTE has launched a lot of high-end Nubia devices lately, but we haven't seen a flagship smartphone that isn't part of the Nubia line for ages. That seems to have been noticed by the Chinese company too, and it's apparently hard at work at a new top of the line ZTE handset that's Nubia-less for a later release.

    Three purported leaked renders of the device show the new design employed by ZTE, and it's clearly inspired by Apple's iPhone 6 form, as you can see (click the thumbnails for full size pictures).

    fdc4aaf0278c06eb8bb30fe57f4e16ac.jpg fc19d101efdf18b5f870e7748689ec63.jpg acd684b3fe90772154df40c6c7086e8a.jpg
    Next ZTE flagship

    The yet-unnamed ZTE upcoming flagship looks made from an unibody metal construction, and features a rear camera with dual-LED flash that is positioned right where the iPhones have it too. There's a plastic part that takes up the upper part of the back of the phone, which houses the antennas.

    The front of the smartphone supposedly comes with 2.5D glass, which is all the rage right now. Thanks to that, the phone comes with nearly zero lateral bezels.

    There's only one logo, and it's housed on the back, while the front is devoid of brands. It also appears it doesn't sport capacitive Android buttons, which means it might come with software-rendered buttons instead.

    Unfortunately there are no details about specs right now, but these should leak out in due course.

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