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Right To Be Forgotten To Expand Over All Google Domains

Discussion in 'Tech News World' started by Alexa, Feb 9, 2016.

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    Google offers the ‘right to be forgotten’ option for all EU citizens, by EU regulations. If a person asks Google to remove all information about him, Google is obliged to remove any references and information from its search engine.

    As this rule applies to EU citizens and for the EU only, Google scrubs such information only from its .fr, .co.uk, .bg, .de, and similar EU Google Search domains. This allowed for an easy workaround - just open Google.com or any other non-EU Google Search website and repeat the search string.

    This is about to change in just a few days, though. Google is going to address this workaround, and the ‘right to be forgotten’ rule will apply to all Google domains when used within the EU (detected by IP address). Soon, the only way to see results under the ‘right to be forgotten’ rule will require you to be out of the EU or use a proxy server.

    According to BBC, Google will apply the new rules in mid-February and if some information is under the ‘right to be forgotten’ rule it won’t be accessed by any Google Search engine invoked within the EU borders.

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