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Root, TWRP Recovery, Evolution ROM for LeMax X900

Discussion in 'Le Max - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Viber, Jan 12, 2016.

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    Hi Friends

    I thought to share the procedure to root, install TWRP recovery on LeTv LeMax X900.
    There are many tutorials in Chinese, Italian, Spanish languages but I wish this will help someone :)

    1. Download the required binaries from here (
    2. Ensure your ADB drivers for your phone are installed on your PC/Laptop
    3. Enable debugging option on your phone from Settings
    4. Ensure your device shows when you type "C:\>adb devices -l"
    5. Create a folder "TWRP" first in your phones internal memory and inside TWRP folder create another folder "theme". Copy the ui.zip file into the "theme" folder
    6. Copy BETA-SuperSU-v2.49.zip to root of your phones internal memory

    Installation of TWRP & Rooting
    1. Connect your running phone to your PC/laptop
    2. Open a command window with administrator privileged
    3. Change the directory to the folder which contains all the unzipped binaries that you had downloaded earlier
    4. From command window type "C:\>recovery.bat".
    5. The script has written to detect your device, if it detects it will ask to press any key to enter recovery
    6. Then you will see your phone reboots to recovery with a little tux icon on centre of your phone. Congratulation you have crossed half way.
    7. Now if everything are OK, the script will ask you press any key to install TWRP recovery to your phone
    8. If it installs successfully you will see couple of "OK" messages on your command window
    9. Finally script will ask to press any key to reboot your into your newly installed TWRP
    10. After first boot into TWRP, remove your cable from phone, wipe cache and dalvic cache
    11. Install BETA-SuperSU-v2.49.zip and reboot system
    12. It may freeze in reboot system screen. Don't panic press your power button for 10 seconds it will reboot automatically

    That's it. You have now TWRP on your LeMax X900

    If you want to install custom ROM, proceed to Evolution LeTV Max X900 which is made from EUI based stable/experimental ROMs.
    Boot into TWRP recovery -> Factory Reset -> Add ROm zip, GApps zip to install queue -> After installation complete clear caches -> Reboot
    Now you will have Evolution ROM on your LeMax X900. - See more at: Tutorial - Root, TWRP Recovery, Evolution ROM for LeMax X900 | LeMe Community