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Samsung Galaxy Note5 might be coming to Europe as soon as August 28

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by Root, Aug 24, 2015.

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    It would be fair to say that Samsung infuriated an entire continent a couple of weeks ago, when it unveiled the new Galaxy Note5 and announced that it won't be available in Europe, at least not this year. A few of our own editors have called it a bluff here at the office, and they may well be right.

    One of our readers has been digging around customs and certification sites as has stumbled upon an SM-N920F version of the flagship phablet. In the past the "F" suffix has been reserved for the European version of Samsung's phones, for example the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5. Alternatively, the "F" could indicate the global variant once the Asian and US carrier-specific models are excluded - effectively the same thing.

    Either way, the said SM-N920F version has been spotted on Bluetooth.org - the authority that certifies new devices as compliant to the connectivity standard. Meanwhile, import database listing in India shows that parts for the same variant (specifically front camera assembly) have entered the country, coming from Korea. So, by now we've established that an European version exists.

    The icing on the cake comes from an article in Korean media focused on the device's price, which is lower than previous generations in its home country. What's interesting to us, however, is that it does mention an August 28 European launch date.

    Whether the lack or postponement of a European launch was a marketing stunt on Samsung's part, or the Korean news sites have it wrong, remains to be seen.

    Thanks to Dennis Soleymani for the tip!

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