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Samsung Galaxy S6 battery seen in the flesh

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by xTreme, Feb 19, 2015.

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    The pieces of the puzzle are coming together for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship. After the Exynos 7420 was confirmed as the chipset of choice, and the matter of dimensions was settled, we could now be looking at the proof of the battery capacity rumor.

    9bd3839b6972de50b38678c6d0325eee.jpg 7e2eba5078eb516e642a3e356e7672c7.jpg f499364539d3fc0d2801b2ffdabd3aba.jpg

    Samsung Galaxy S6 battery

    The model number EB-BG925ABE of the battery units goes in line with the expected SM-925 internal designation of the upcoming flagship. A manufacturing date of only a couple of days ago adds further credibility to these images.

    We witness a slight reduction in capacity, compared to the 2800mAh battery on the Galaxy S5, brought about by the constant push for thinness. However, advancements in chip technology and Google's optimized Lollipop OS, should hopefully mean that the hit in capacity won't result in poor endurance. Add to that a possible wireless charging capability and things don't look all that grim.

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