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Samsung lets users delete pre-installed apps in China in light of lawsuit

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by M0YAL, Aug 1, 2015.

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    One of the main sources of complaints by the whole spectrum of commenters - from the Samsung fan and user, to the Samsung basher, has been the inclusion of numerous pre-installed apps, bundled with the company's smartphones. A lot of those remain unused but can't be removed, eating away you precious storage, and taking up space on your homescreens (though hiding them does solve half the problem). Although the issue is not limited to the Korean manufacturer only, the feature-packed TouchWiz has typically been in the center of heated bloatware debates.

    Well, the matter has escalated in China, where Samsung is being sued by a committee, protecting consumer rights. The local version of the Galaxy Note 3, where 24 of the 44 installed apps couldn't be removed, was the one that ignited the lawsuit.


    Samsung is planning to address the matter by providing software patches, which will enable the removal of certain apps. The patches will be available for download at the company's after-sales centers.

    It doesn't end here, however, as the committee has stated that it will wait to make sure the company meets its promise, before dropping the lawsuit.

    Additionally, Samsung has stated on its Chinese website that even owners of its latest models, like the Galaxy S6, will be given the option to uninstall unwanted applications.

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