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Samsung posts yet another teaser for the Galaxy S6, makes sure to use the word "metal"

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by Silent Angel, Feb 21, 2015.

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    Samsung has been on a teaser frenzy as of late, posting quite a lot of videos that suggest what the Galaxy S6 will be capable of. Today, the company posted yet another clip, which makes sure to inform us that the new flagship will be made of metal, will be beautiful, sleek, powerful, and there's a line about colors in there, which we would speculate suggests that the Galaxy S6 will have accurate colors, much like the Note 4, Note Edge and Galaxy S Tabs.

    So far, various leaks and reports, regarding Sammy's new flagships point towards an all-metal body, powerul performance, new (supposedly, better) camera, wireless charging, possible front-firing stereo speakers, and the Samsung-claimed "incredibly fast TouchWiz". The phone is expected to be unveiled, together with its mysterious "Edge" counterpart, at Samsung's Unpacked event, on March 1st, during the MWC 2015, and is speculated to launch on March the 22nd.

    You can check out the teaser below, as well as a gallery of renders, based on all Galaxy S6 leaks so far.

    8e70d242b1f5dba3cdf49d59f5a0558f.jpg cb16c1937fe3593101a71a51b2b22aaa.jpg 028c74074face53680b399bd6b38a870.jpg 2a11876a1109dba089aa05403ccc8a76.jpg 869e9f6a3bea9b6cb5445c54afab794e.jpg 2df804d0403b76b1a6ec44d4556140b5.jpg 230f9ac711dcdf2eb7f47323c93b8a48.jpg e78b5b2a23cfcf4aa768d87fc1dfd611.jpg 37daaacfbf78d8532afc034d3c10be34.jpg 9a071830a945d2b62a23131afd1bf1e0.jpg 52eaa1dbc9af5b50d7fd80784a648a87.jpg 52070011d1a2372bf29be46f0f917a06.jpg View attachment 765 62668d2075d89ff14bc848332b37665f.jpg 0cb74dfa3a6eab2f2f869cf2be66e9fc.jpg 539b26185f824b0690e810c578e9d496.jpg 38bd862befc8c2589558d05d7b6c3af3.jpg f033fee14c039f29893303f830131d56.jpg 1a0c5eef95cd3f07165b874db1723944.jpg
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