Samsung says wireless charging is closer than you think, all but confirms it for the Galaxy S6


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Jan 19, 2012
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One of the features that has repeatedly been rumored for the Galaxy S6 is wireless charging. Samsung’s upcoming flagship is going to have a metal build with a non-removable battery so it is very likely that the smartphone is going to have wireless charging support straight out of the box. Besides that, Samsung itself has been recently dropping hints which reinforce the belief that the Galaxy S6 will indeed support wireless charging.

Earlier this week the company posted a detailed article about wireless charging, presenting it views on how this technology is expected to become even more popular, and how Samsung has worked to further advance this technology. The company has posted another article on its website that gives three reasons to charge wirelessly. Obviously one can say goodbye to hassle with cables, users are no longer changed to outlets and small cables, plus they get to use one charger for all of their devices that support the feature.

The article includes a teaser for the Galaxy S6 much like the ones we have already seen, in fact the entire website is filled with such teasers for the upcoming flagship, with Samsung signing off by saying that wireless charging is closer than you think, adding that its new generation of Galaxy smartphones will open a new world of wireless possibilities.