Samsung SUHD TVs coming to the Philippines in April, prices confirmed


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At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 in January Samsung showed off its latest television lineup powered by the company’s new SUHD technology. These televisions tout Samsung’s proprietary display technology, a unique re-mastering engine as well as the world’s first Smart TV dashboard that’s based on the Tizen OS. At the Samsung Forum 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand today the company announced that its SUHD TVs will be released in the Philippines come April 2015. Prices were also confirmed.

Samsung Electronics Philippines product manager Jane Viola confirmed that four sizes of the curved SUHD TVs will be released in the Philippines by the third week of April 2015. The smallest comes in at 55-inch retailing for P150,000. 65-inch, 78-inch and 88-inch models will be offered as well for P300,000, P500,000 and P1.2 million respectively.

Customers who would like an even bigger model will first have to reach out to a Samsung dealer who can then provide them with the bendable 105-inch SUHD TV for approximately P5 million.