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SigmaKey Software v2.17.01. More Moto devices and more fw versions supported

Discussion in 'GSMServer Products' started by Abraham, Apr 27, 2016.

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    1. The solution for the most recent firmware versions of Moto
    If Smart-Clip2 Software reports the following message:
    "This baseband version is not supported. Try downgrading it."
    while you're working with new Moto devices, please do so by following the steps listed in this manual.
    This is a quick and simple procedure that doesn’t require root and bootloader unlock.

    2. New Moto models have been tested and added to the list of supported devices:
    ♦ XT1524
    ♦ XT1540
    ♦ XT1542
    ♦ XT1562
    ♦ XT1563
    ♦ MOTO G3
    ♦ Moto X Play
    ♦ Moto X+1

    Follow this manual to perform unlock or repair procedure.

    3. Potentially supported Moto devices:
    ♦ XT1008 XT1025 XT1034 XT1036
    ♦ XT1078 XT1079 XT1085 XT1092
    ♦ XT1094 XT1095 XT1098 XT1254
    ♦ XT1514 XT1521 XT1523 XT1541
    ♦ XT1543 XT1544 XT1548 XT1550
    ♦ XT1556 XT1557 XT1561 XT1565
    ♦ XT1570

    If you have one of the listed above phone models,
    please start unlock/repair operation and post your logs in the corresponding thread of the official forum

    Activate Pack 4 to perform service procedures for more than 200 of new
    Qualcomm based devices, including Sony, Motorola, ZTE and others.

    Download Sigma Software v2.17.01