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Some Sprint users say Google Messenger is showing RCS capabilities (Advanced SMS)

Discussion in 'Google - What's New?' started by M0YAL, Nov 4, 2016.

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    According to some users that send SMS with Google Messenger, some are seeing enhanced features enabled on their SMS app. RCS or Rich Communication Services is the answer we need to finally upgrade our outdated SMS platform.

    RCS offers read receipts, typing notifications, and SMS messaging over a data connection. It also allows for larger file transfers up to 10MB so it doesn’t have to over-compress MMS images or Videos. RCS does come with its complications though, as all carriers need to support the feature. Currently, all major US carriers except Verizon support the RCS platform.


    Some users on Sprint have reported that they can see and activate the “enhanced features” section in the newly updated Google Messenger’s menu. Among those who have found the new features to be active are the Google Pixel XL and the Nexus 6P, both on the Sprint network.

    We haven’t seen the features on our Google Pixel on T-Mobile yet. Have any of our reader been lucky enough to get RCS features on the Messenger? Let us know!

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