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Sony Xperia Ear launches in the US on December 13 for $199.99

Discussion in 'Market Review - Latest Prices & Offers' started by Alexa, Nov 18, 2016.

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    The Xperia Ear was announced by Sony at MWC this February, yet it only became available in Japan today. That's undoubtedly quite a long time to wait for a gadget, but if you're in the US the wait isn't actually over.

    Sony has announced that the Xperia Ear will finally be out stateside on December 13. You'll be able to purchase one from Amazon at first, and then after a while it will also be available at Fry’s, ABT, B&H, as well as other retailers.

    It's only going to be offered in black, and will set you back $199.99. That's quite a steep price for an earpiece, but the Xperia Ear is more than that - in fact, it wants to be your digital assistant too. In a world where we already have quite a few of those (think Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant), it's unclear whether a niche device like the Xperia Ear will be a success, sales-wise. Anyway, if the Xperia Ear has peaked your interest