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T-Mobile Galaxy Note7 units will get the update limiting charge to 60% starting tomorrow

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by M0YAL, Nov 4, 2016.

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    Over the past few weeks Samsung has done a lot to make sure every single Galaxy Note7 unit ever sold is returned, because of the well documented fire hazard they pose. However, the company still hasn't gotten all of the phones back, so now it's trying to force people to do this.

    A software update that limits charge to 60% has already been sent out to Galaxy Note7 units sold in both South Korea and Europe, and now it's headed to the US. The first devices to get it will be those sold by T-Mobile. Starting tomorrow, the update (with build version N930TUVU2APK1) will be rolling out to all Note7s purchased from the magenta carrier.

    After this is installed, your handset won't be able to charge past 60%, its battery indicator color will change to grey, and the dreaded recall pop-up notification will appear even more frequently than before. All of these things are designed to annoy you into turning your Note7 in. We'll have to see if this will actually make every single person who bought a Note7 take it back. Anyway, now that the floodgates are about to open, expect the other big US carriers to follow suit with similar updates in the near future.

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