T-Mobile reveals retail price for the Samsung Galaxy S6


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Wondering how the carriers in the US will price the Galaxy S6 (and its curved sibling)? T-Mobile might have provided us the answer through a contest that it is currently running in order to give a Galaxy S6 away for free, and following the rules that apply when a company runs such a contest, the carrier has listed the retail value of the device.

T-Mobile has listed $699 as the price tag for the Galaxy S6, which is more than previous Galaxy S flagships but right in line with the European pricing. The storage capacity isn’t mentioned, though we’re pretty sure this price is for the 32GB variant and the next storage variant will be $100 pricier. The on-contract pricing hasn’t been revealed by any carrier yet, but again, you can expect T-Mobile and other major carriers to ask more than the standard $199 price on a two-year agreement.

Check out the source link for details on the contest (there are other devices to be won), and let us know what you think about the $699 price tag.

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