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Tizen 2.4 Beta SDK has been released to developers

Discussion in 'SAMSUNG - What's New?' started by M0YAL, Aug 24, 2015.

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    If you’re a developer looking to make apps for Tizen-based devices, then you should know that an SDK for the mobile pre-release of the Tizen 2.4 beta has been released officially.

    Tizen 2.4 comes with many new features including the Application Background Policy which restricts CPU resources for background application processes. A really impressive addition in the new Tizen 2.4 SDK is the fact that it adds over 3,000 new APIs for input methods, event systems, voice control and more. Here’s the full changelog:

    New Features
    • Application Background Policy to restrict CPU resources for background application processes
    • Tizen Expansion Package (TEP) support for effective installation of applications
    • Maps Service to supports Geocode, Place Discovery and Route Calculation
    • Sync Manager to schedule server access time for applications to synchronize data between server and device
    • Service Adaptor (for Cloud Storage) to access remote storage as a local device
    • DALi for light weight rendering based on OpenGL ES
    • Smartcard and NFC HCE(Host Card Emulation) support to facilitates Mobile Payment Service
    • Enforce Security
    • And more …
    Tizen 2015 UX

    • Rich winsets and styles
    • New Tizen Reference Apps (e.g. Browser, Music Player, Calendar)
    With this release out of the way we can expect to see a lot more Tizen apps which are a fantastic addition to all devices on the market. This is only the beginning as Samsung is looking towards Tizen 3.0 that will bring forth a lot of notable features, not to mention that Samsung wants to bring all your devices together using the Internet of Things.

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