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Twitter now supports GIFs up to 15MB

A few short years ago, the more popular and mainstream social sharing websites like Twitter and Facebook did not support GIFs. GIFs were up and coming and became more widely used as memes and reaction posts. GIFs originated as embeddable moving images that could be inserted into PowerPoint slideshows and websites from 2002.

Since then, however, GIFs have become more mainstream as they are easier for sharing a quick video clip which doesn’t require audio or uses captions instead. Twitter wants to make sure it has all bases covered when it comes to sharing. Which is why the company has recently raised the GIF limit size to a whopping 15MB.

Sure, many sites might only support up to 5MB per GIF. And many GIFs have not needed to be that large. With the new limit, who knows what the next step for GIFs is? Surely we’ll start seeing more GIFs in better resolution and quality.

Newer 15MB GIFs only apply to the Web version of Twitter and the mobile limit remains at 5MB. Who knows? The mobile limit could be raised, but we don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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