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UMT Support Access v1.0 - The Most Awaited...

Discussion in 'Ultimate Multi Tool Box' started by Abi Wyeamn, Sep 14, 2016.

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    We are pleased to announce
    Ultimate Multi Tool - Support Access v1.0
    More Productive and More Easy

    No More Slow Downloads
    No More Need of Download Manager



    Whats New:
    [x] Inbuilt Download Manager
    --- Now you can download files upto 10x faster.
    --- Add as many files as you need to download in Queue.
    --- Tick on Process Queue and Start and forget it.
    --- If you want to download all queued file automatically, you must tick Process Queue.
    --- No More Head of Login Prompt

    [x] Standalone, Can be used in parallel with UMT Software.
    --- Box/Dongle is needed only on start time.
    --- Simply minimize to System Tray when not in use.
    --- After it has run, you can use other UMT Modules without need to close Support Access.
    --- Double click on System Tray Icon and it will be on your Service again.

    [x] Selective Download
    --- Only Files which have tick mark in Download File will be downloaded.
    --- By default, files are only Queued so you can add all needed files and download at once.

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    Don't wait for others to copy us, and make it tomorrow while we made it yesterday.

    Download UMT Support Access Setup (Drivers Included)

    Ultimate Multi Tool