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Vivaldi browser now out of beta

Discussion in 'Download Free Software' started by AVieira, Apr 6, 2016.

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    We first heard of Vivaldi back when it was released in beta form early last year. The browser is now finally out of beta, and available for Windows, OS X, and Linux.

    Vivaldi is a browser by Vivaldi Technologies, an Oslo-based company founded by the former co-founder and CEO of Opera Software, Jon von Tetzchner. Vivaldi tries to build on what made Opera so popular with some people in the first place, a ton of features and customizability, before Opera decided to strip it away of everything and become overly simplistic.

    Vivaldi includes features such as tab stacking, where you can drop tabs on top of each other to create a stack and make managing them easier, tab stack tiling, where you can tile the tabs in a stack side by side within the browser window if you have a big enough monitor to view them comfortably, notes feature to save quotes from website and screenshots and the browser remembers where you took them from, mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts, speed dial, web panels to have a small panel on the side dedicated to sites that don't require a lot of space or IM windows, UI customizability, and more.

    Vivaldi 1.0 is available for download for free from the link below.