Volcano MerapiTool ver. 1.2.7 CDMA Loaded - 15-July-2015


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Feb 13, 2012
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Volcanobox Presents : MerapiTool 1.2.7

What's New ?

  • Added New CDMA Module
  • Added lot of CDMA models
  • Added AllWinner Imei Repair
  • Added Reliance ZTE S194 Unlock
  • Added Reliance ZTE S194 Flash
  • Added Reliance ZTE S194 Write MEID
  • Added Reliance ZTE D286 1-Click Unlock (No Need Flash, No IMEI/MEID Change)
  • Added Lava M141 Flash/MEID Repair Reliance CG550 1-Click Unlock
  • (No Need Flash, No IMEI/MEID Change)
  • Added Reliance CG550 Flash
  • Added Reliance CG550 MEID/IMEI/BT Repair
  • Added Lava CG142J (Reliance) - 1 Click Unlock
  • Added Lava CG142J (Reliance)Flash
  • Added Lava CG142J (Reliance)MEID IMEI Write/Repair
  • Added ZTE D286 MEID IMEI BT Address Write/Repair
  • Added ZTE Recovery Module
  • Added Olive V-C2330 Nov 20 2013 (16MB) Unlock
  • Added Olive V-C2330 Nov 20 2013 (16MB) Flash
  • Added Olive V-C2330 Nov 20 2013 (16MB) Blink Repair
  • Added Olive V-C2330 Nov 20 2013 (16MB) MEID Write/Repair
  • Added Olive V-C2330 Sep 24 2012 (8MB) MEID Write/Repair
  • Added Samsung S379 Flash, Rebuild, MEID Write/Repair
  • Added Samsung CDMA SPC Write Option
  • Added TATA Olive V-C2330 Unlock
  • Added TATA Olive V-C2330 Flash
  • Added TATA Olive V-C2330 Blink Repair (Haier Tab)
  • Added ZTE S188 Unlock - Fast in 1 second Unlock
  • Added ZTE S188 Flash
  • Added ZTE S160 Reliance Version Unlock
  • Added ZTE S160 Reliance Version Flash
  • Added ZTE S160 Reliance Version MEID Write
  • Added Samsung B379 Unlock
  • Added Samsung B379 Flash
  • Added Samsung B379 Rebuild/Repair MEID
  • Added ZTE M131 B04 Version Safe Unlock
  • Added ZTE M131 B04 Version Flash
  • Added ZTE M131 B04 Version Write MEID
  • Added ZTE M131 Dec 23 2013 Version Unlock
  • Added ZTE M131 Dec 23 2013 Version Flash
  • Added Lava CG132 Flashing (Normal/Emergency),
  • Added Lava CG132 IMEI/MEID Write
  • Added ZTE D286 Emergency Mode Flashing (Added under Lava Tab)
  • Added ZTE ICERA Modem Dashboard Write
  • Added ZTE ICERA Modem Enable/Disable AutoRun
  • Added AllWinner IMEI Repair- Phone/Tablet must be Rooted
  • Added ZTE S194 - 1 Click Unlock
  • Added Haier C380 - Unlock Supported (Flash with Firmware with Skip EFS)
  • Added Latest ZTE CDMA Bootloader to support New Boot Phones S183, M131 etc...
  • Added Universal Memory Reader -> Scan EFS Addr Button in Tools Page
  • Added ZTE Recovery Module
  • Added This tool is to recover some ZTE Phones like C132, S183 and M131 with USB cable which sometimes come in blinking condition.

Supported model list
  • ZTE
    • C132
    • C332
    • F285
    • M131
    • N600+
    • N788
    • S100
    • S130
    • S160
    • S1602
    • S165
    • S170
    • S183
    • S185
    • S188
    • S194
    • V9A
    • V9C
  • ZTE Modem
    • MF190
    • ZTE ICERA K3770z
  • Alcatel
    • C131
    • OT-255c
    • OT-616c
  • Haier
    • C2030
    • C380
    • C5000
    • C5100
    • CG220
    • CG550
    • OL2110
    • OL2130
    • OL2330
  • Huawei
    • C2829
    • C2830
    • C2831
    • C2835
    • C2835D
    • C2839M
    • C2856
    • C2930T
  • Huawei Modem
    • EC122
    • EC150
    • EC156
    • EC1260
    • EC1261
    • EC315
  • Karbonn
    • B121
  • LG
    • LG6210
    • RD3500
    • RD3510
    • RD3530
    • RD3540
    • RD3550
    • RD3600
    • RD3610
    • RD3630
    • RD3640
    • RD6100
    • TS3520
  • LAVA
    • CG132
    • CG142J
    • D286 (ZTE)
    • L661
    • M141
  • Micromax
    • 3xx Modems
    • C100
    • C111
  • Samsung
    • B119
    • B139
    • B159 DE26
    • B159 DE28
    • B189
    • B199
    • B209
    • B219
    • B229
    • B229 FD09
    • B259
    • B269
    • B279
    • B309
    • B319
    • B339FM
    • B379
    • B619
    • F219
    • S189
    • S259
    • S379
    • W169

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Some Test Reports:

Q Mobile X35 NetWork Permanent Unlock (The Slot Has Been Permanently Locked )
World Ist Huawei G700-u10 no service emergency calls only Solved Merapi Tool 1.2.4
HOt News For Merapi Tool User Mtk 6571 Nand Hang On Recovery Solved With One Click
World Ist Invild Imei & Basband Unkown Solved With Merapi Tool Other All Again Faild.
Q Mobile A110 Mtk6572 Hang On Nore Solved With Only 4 Second No Need Wait Long Time
Merapi Tool :: No Service, Sim Magement ,emergency Solved With Magic..
Allcatel One Toch 5020N Unlock Done Merapi { Report }
micromax A76 imei done with MerapiTool{ Report }
Vodafone vf685 unlock done using volcano merapi tool {Report}
linq x100 successfully read and format with merapi tool without any lost data{Report}
Lenovo S650 Hang ON Logo DOne { Report}
Micromax A72 MT6575 NAND Hang on Logo Solve Done !! Merapi Tool {Report}
Micromax P310 MT6577 4gb eMMC Hang on Fanbook Logo Solve Done !! Merapi Tool {Report}

VolcanoBox Team's MerapiTool is World's Best Forensic Tool, Which can Recover Deleted Data, Extract Current Data, Extract Call logs, Sms & Much More.

New Winners Will Announce Later

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