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VolcanoBox 2.9.5 MTK6582/92 New Flash.Optimized SPD6531 MTk6575/77.New Encrypted 6571

Discussion in 'Volcano Box' started by JAFRI, Feb 27, 2015.

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    Feb 13, 2012
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    iPhone 6 Plus
    What's new ?
    • MTK6582 add new flash support
    • MTK6592 add new flash support
    • Optimize SPD6531 Read and Write
    • SPD6820, Read factory file add new method
    • SPD8810, Read factory file add new method
    • SPD7710, Read factory file add new method
    • Optimize MTK6575, Write Bin file
    • Optimize MTK6577, Write Bin file
    • MTK6571+EMMC add new Cpu Encrypted Phones Support
    • Some Bugs Solved
    Some Test Reports

    Volcano Box 2.9.5 Beta Test Started ......Ahead of All---->

    Important note:
    Only Volcano Module exe will not able to run. You have to Extract/Copy Volcano Module update files into Volcano YellowStone folder to able to Work fine !!

    To Download VolcanoBox YellowStone
    Index of ./VolcanoBox/Volcano_YellowStone_(BaseFiles)/

    To Download VolcanoBox Module
    Index of ./VolcanoBox/Volcano_Module_Regular_Updates/

    To Download OLD Updates
    Index of ./VolcanoBox/Old_Updates/Updates/

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    BlackBerry update

    VolcanoBox 2.8.0 FREE BlackBerry MEP 0- Direct Unlock & Much More !! Brave Warrior

    Index of ./VolcanoBox/

    All Updates & History :
    VolcanoBox Update History / Updates All in one place

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