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VolcanoBox 3.0 Aka Inferno MTK_V0.1C Released for Inferno Key Users

Discussion in 'Volcano Box' started by Abi Wyeamn, Jun 2, 2016.

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    Volcanobox 3.0 AKA Inferno V 0.1C Released
    Only for Inferno Key Users
    Inferno Software for Merapi Activated users is on the way.

    inferno is Advance Version of MerapiTool. We called it "VolcanoBox 3.0 aka Inferno"

    What's new ?

    • Added Phone Hardware details Auto save as file name
      • When you read Bin file
    • Improved MTK6592 Read Factory File
    • Improved MTK6595 Read bin File
    • Improved MTK6735 Imei Repair
    • Improved MTK6580 Imei Repair
    • Improved MTK6577 Imei Repair
    • Improved MTK6735 Wipe Data & Cache
    • Improved MTK6577 Wipe Data & Cache
    • Improved MTK6580 Wipe Data & Cache

    Previous Updates:
    VolcanoBox 3.0 Aka Inferno MTK_V0.1B Released for Inferno Key Users

    For example:
    Title: Yourname Your DogToken( ID )

    "Write your Details"

    Your Name:
    Your Gsmhosting ID:
    Your Reseller:
    How much do you paid for Inferno Key:
    Your Phone number:
    Your Country:

    Attach your "DogToken(XXXXXXXXX).bin"

    and send to [email protected]

    Please Allow 12 hours to 24 Working hours, We will reply you that your Dongle has been Activated for "30 Days As FREE Use"
    • Note For all Merapi Users:
      We are just about to finish system from that You will use Inferno Software on your Volcanobox & you can Active Inferno with your Merapi Username and Password.