VolcanoBox Inferno MTK 1.4.5 - Inferno Unitool 1.4.7 - Inferno DataPro 1.4.4

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Jan 11, 2015
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VolcanoBox 3 in 1 Updates

VolcanoBox Inferno MTK Ver 1.4.5 Updates Released
VolcanoBox Inferno Unitool ver 1.4.7 Updates Released
Volcanobox Inferno DataPro Ver 1.4.4 Updates Released.

  • VolcanoBox Inferno MTK Ver 1.4.5
    • What's new ?
      • World's 1st added backup full flash of EMMC MT6570.
      • fix backup factory issue of samsung mt6572.
      • fix auto format issue of some mt6582 device.
  • VolcanoBox Inferno UniTool Ver 1.4.7
    • What's new ?
      • add read imei before modify imei in tool repair qualcomm imei function.
      • repair bug that read pattern lock fail when select custom boot.
  • VolcanoBox Inferno DataPro 1.4.4
    • What's new ?
      • Security Update, All old ver of Data pro will not work so user have to download new ver to use it.

Support Area to Download : Index of ./VolcanoBox/Volcano_Inferno_Updates/
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