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VolcanoBox Inferno SPD_V1.0D. *.Pac Write & FREEEEE Merapi For ALL NON Active Volcano

Discussion in 'Volcano Box' started by Abi Wyeamn, Nov 2, 2016.

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    MerapiTool is FREE Now For ALL VolcanoBox Users
    All NON-Activated, ALL Users who don't have Merapi Activated. now they can use Merapi Software for FREEE !!

    VolcanoBox SPD V1.0D

    • Released For VolcanoBox Users
    • Released For Merapi Users
    • Released For Inferno Key Users

    >>>>> What's new in VolcanoBox SPD_V1.0D ? <<<<<

    VolcanoBox 3.0 A.K.A. INFERNO SPD V1.0D

    VolcanoTeam very happy to Release SPD Module for VolcanoBox/Merapi & Inferno key users.

    • Summary of Progress on Inferno MTK....
      • As you guys knows that VolcanoTeam is very good in MTK. in Starting of Inferno many other team blames us that we copy them bla bla such as Infinity Team's Coder always Bark very sweet Words against us but you guys can see that we have lot of very Exclusive things which even Infinity team don't have as well as Miracle Team don't have. if you are not sure what i am talking about please check our THIS THREAD & You will Realize that we are Far Ahead in MTK... Our Virus Cleaner is much better than Miracle box and as well better than Infinity Box too. Infinity Team not support NAND but for us is just peace of cake. latest invention by our Inferno MTK team was MTK6580 NAND which Infinity Even can't boot. so it's time to Realize that in MTK we are much better than Infinity Team. VolcanoBox Team is not Arrogant like Infinity, VolcanoBox Team is not blocking Their Beloved User's Key just to take Revenge like Infinity Team... We are very good in lot of MTK... anyhow let's come to the SPD...
    • Volcano Team Released SPD ver 1.0D_Beta for VolcanoBox/Merapi & Inferno key Users.
      • Introduction of SPD Module...
        • We are making SPD to perfection but this is not Final Perfect ver. this is very Basic ver of SPD Module for Inferno Key & VolcanoBox/Merapi Users.
          • what function is it have ?
            • Right now it's support in BETA MODE.
              • Added Almost All SPD 7731/7730 Imei Repair
                • IMEI CHANGE IS ILLEGAL... Inferno team is not Liable for any misuse !!
              • Added Almost All SPD 7731/7730 Format
              • Almost ALL SPD 7731/7730 Android ver 4.x.x Read Flash in Factory file
              • Almost ALL SPD 7731/7730 Android ver 4.x.x Write Flash in Factory file
              • Almost ALL SPD 7731/7730 Android ver 4.x.x Read Pattern Lock
              • Almost All SPD 7715 NAND Android ver 4.x.x Read Flash file
              • Almost All SPD 7715 NAND Android ver 4.x.x Write Flash file
              • Almost All SPD 7731/7730 Android ver 5.x.x Read Factory file
                • when you read factory file please read factory file with 5.x Ticked & Without 5.x
                • Some phones when write back readed file with 5.x can make phone Die.. cause of some infliction in SPD Phones so in that cause readed flash file without 5.x Tick help to revive back.
              • Almost All SPD 7731/7730 Android Ver 5.x.x Write Factory File
              • SPD 7731/7730 Android ver 5.x.x Pattern Read
                • Some phones which request Swipe Screen and then ask for pattern code. these kind of phones are not supported for now
              • Many More Cpu & Functions are Supported, but might be they all are not working properly as we focus on SPD7730/SPD7731
              • Bug Fixed Inferno SPD Get Stuck in Mis-Matched boot
              • Bug Fixed on Android 5.x & Higher Boot.
              • Added Backup PhoneBook
              • Added "Show" Activation Expire Date
              • Added "New" Kind of Serial & Activation
                • From now you don't have to send your "Token" (Dog) File for activation. you just have to send your complete "Serial # & Activation code"
              • All SPD77XX Android 5.x.x Read Factory file without root
              • ALL SPD 77XX Android 4.x.x Write Direct *.Pac files
              • All SPD 77XX Android 5.x.x Write Direct *.Pac files

    • SPD Future
      • SPD Module will have Regular Updates as we have MTK and we want to Ensure you that, like MTK we did Great Job we will do for SPD same as MTK.
      • SPD will have lot of world's 1st updates just stay tune
      • This is very basic BETA ver. it maybe have problems so Advice to use at your own risk
    Request from VolcanoTeam...
    • VolcanoTeam Requesting you to please Recommend INFERNO to all of your Friends. Talk with those who have VolcanoBox who don't have Merapi or Who have Merapi Activated Please ask them Just Try to use Inferno and Feel the Difference. i hope those guys will Enjoy alot.
    • Please ask your Friends to USE Inferno.
    • All VolcanoBox Users Please try Inferno MTK & Inferno SPD. you will simply love it.

      Download Now : Index of ./VolcanoBox/Inferno - VolcanoBox 3.0/