Volcanobox Inferno UniTool 1.2.0 Hot Update - World's 1st 99% Qualcomm Cpu Supported

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Jan 27, 2016
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What's New?

  • World's 1st Added Unique Algo for Factory Loader for Qualcomm Phones - 99% ALL Qualcomm Phones Supported
    • What is it ?
      • with help of factory loader you can boot any qualcomm base phone (non secure) and option what ever you want.
      • 99% Qualcomm phones supported
      • No limitation of CPU Supported
      • No limitation of HW ID match
      • Support Maximum Qualcomm Loader
      • whatever cpu is in list or not, select factory loader and it's get supported
      • More than 128 Qualcomm Factory Loaders has been Uploaded at support area
        • How it's Work?
          • Download and run Unitool 1.2.0
          • if you have any phone which is not supported by Inferno internal loaders then
  • Added Support for Factory loader of upto 26 Qualcomm Cpu - which is maximum cpu of qualcomm
    • QUALCOMM MSM8916
    • QUALCOMM MSM8937
    • QUALCOMM MSM8956
    • QUALCOMM MSM8974
    • QUALCOMM MSM8976
    • QUALCOMM MSM8994
    • QUALCOMM MSM8992
    • QUALCOMM MSM8x12
    • QUALCOMM MSM8909
    • QUALCOMM MSM8226
    • QUALCOMM MSM8210
    • QUALCOMM MSM8212
    • QUALCOMM MSM8926
    • QUALCOMM MSM8228
    • QUALCOMM MSM8610
    • QUALCOMM MSM8628
    • QUALCOMM MSM8928
    • QUALCOMM MSM8612
    • QUALCOMM MSM8996
    • QUALCOMM MSM8929
    • QUALCOMM MSM8953
    • QUALCOMM MSM8939
    • QUALCOMM MSM8940
      • Functions Supported
        • Read information
        • Read Firmware
        • Write Firmware
        • Format FFS
        • Clear Screen lock - without data lost
        • Read PhoneBook
        • FRP Unlock - For FRP use LYF platform
    • How to use Factory loaders ?
      • go to any Tab/platform
      • Select your Desired Operation (which you want to do)
      • Select "Select Factory Boot" from drop list
      • Software will ask you to brows path of Factory Boot file, Brows it and select "Factory Boot file" press ok
      • Software will ask you to connect phone, So connect phone in "EDL" mode
      • Your Desired operation will be Processed & Done..
    • Here is the Inferno GIF Video of Mannual Loader Working

  • More than 128 Qualcomm bootloaders has been uploaded at Support area, Here is the Link
    • Unlock GoOGLE Pixel
    • Qualcomm Custom Loader, No limit of Cpu support, No limit of Flash Support
    • Qualcomm Cpu Auto Detection
    • Huawei All HiSilicon Bootloader Unlock
    • Samsung FRP
    • Enable All Language for Samsung Phones
    • ALL SPD FRP Unlock
    • All Qualcomm Base phones FRP Unlock
    • Support for ALL MeiZu Phones
    • Remove Mi Account
    • Nokia MTK base Phones
    • Inter Cpu Support
    • Maximum Support of Qualcomm Cpu than any other box
    • Qualcomm upto 26 Cpu Supported
    • Qualcomm Petern read without data lost
    • OPPO Phones fully support
    • Read Pattern lock without data lost
    • one click DLImage solve
    • EMMC Backup of all Android Phones
    • Judge Phones, it will check what cpu inside in your phone
    • Samsung Watch Neo and Watch 2 Time set without phone connection
    • Motorola FRP
    • HTc Generic FRP
    • Lenovo FRP
    • Unlock Yureka Bootlaoder
    • Yureka FRP

Download Area: Index of ./VolcanoBox/Volcano_Inferno_Updates/
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