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W910 MiUI Mod

Discussion in 'Haier Mobiles - FAQ, Guide, How To, Tutorials' started by Asghar Javed, Apr 6, 2013.

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    Bass is back ;P

    MiUI_Mod_1.1.5 (250 dls)
    MiUI_1.1.6 (356 dls)
    MiUIv1.3b (558 dls)
    Links other than Needrom:

    Update 1.3b – 09/02/2014

    What inside :

    - New UI (Icons, some buttons, GSM Signal, Wifi Signal, Battery, Data Transfer Speed in softbar, SoftKeys)

    - Fix Contacts App (Old sometimes Crashes)

    - Clock from JB 4.2.2 (With Digital and Analog Clock widgets)

    - Camera and Gallery from KitKat

    - Launcher Updated to v 2.21.0

    - Mi File Explorer updated to 4.3.2

    - Removed usless and not working tweaks

    - Optimized some Apps (Zipalign some apps but not all)

    - New Calendar widget (Free version but if you want donate buy Full version. Free is this same like Pay version)

    - Rom manager and Perfomance Control


    Update 1.1.6 – Fix bug – Photo Editor in Gallery (Crash App)


    Hello everyone today i have our good Jelly Bean 4.1.2 with some part from MiUI roms.

    This is NOT PORT (but working on REAL MiUI PORT too)


    MiUI Mod Build 1.1.5

    MD5: ff1e7bb150294e6c2cd599021ca25e8e

    SHA1 : 5b2e9cea5753a690eb51ea0d2d08138cdf3a0c1b

    CRC32 : c66a58e2

    What inside ;

    - MiUI Launcher (this is not MiUI stylized launcher, this is ORGINAL MiUI launcher v 2.19 NEWEST (in PlayStore @ this moment have buld number 2.18)

    - Launcher had own notfication unread sms/calls all working, and had orginal MiUI lockscreen too

    - MiUI bootlogo animation

    - DEODEX

    - Honami Xperia Multilanguage Keyboard

    - Camera 4.3 with Gallery

    - Full Root with SU (by Chainfire)

    - Mi File Explorer

    - A few tweaks (fix GSM range and few other)

    - Fix Camera Crash

    - 360 Mobile Safe (great app : antyvirus, system cleanup, antitheft, call&sms blocker etc.)

    What to do :

    Change all icons : battery, wifi, toggles to MiUI style (i have all but @ this moment recompile SystemUI) Update very soon

    Ps. After download new launcher theme from Xaoimi shop do reboot and then choose new theme. This is bug in Launcher but sometimes work without reboot.

    Ps2. If sometimes you will see a default lockscreen go to SETTINGS>SECURITY>SCREEN LOCK and choose NONE. MiUI Launcher had own lock type and workin without system lock.

    New Update Very very soon ;D

    Installation :

    1. Put file into SdCard

    2. Run Recovery (Custom not orginal or chinese, only ClockworkMod)

    3. Make a Wipe Data/Factory Reset

    3. Make Wipe Cache

    4. Install Zip from SdCard

    5. Choose Zip

    6. Install

    7. Reboot

    8. First Boot make a little longer than normal boot.

    9. Enjoy