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Watch Samsung Pay in action on the Galaxy S6 edge

At its MWC 2015 event Samsung confirmed something that we had all been expecting, Samsung Pay, a new payments service that will go up against Apple Pay this year. Both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 edge support this service. Samsung has a demo booth set up at MWC 2015 and the folks at CNET went up there to film a demo of Samsung Pay in action on the Galaxy S6 edge.

Before the service can be used, users have to save cards that they would like to use with the service, this can easily be done by simply taking a picture of the card with the smartphone’s camera. Once the cards have been saved users just need to swipe up from the home screen to bring up all available payment cards. They can swipe through them all and select one they want to use and authenticate the transaction with the fingerprint sensor.

Then all that’s left to do is to either tap the smartphone against a magnetic strip reader or an external NFC accessory, this will obviously depend upon the merchant, and once payment has been made the receipt will show up in notifications and will also be saved in the Samsung Pay app. The video can be viewed here.

Samsung Pay is set to arrive in the United States and South Korea this summer.