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WebVR is coming to Chrome for Android in January

Discussion in 'Mobile Apps & Developers News' started by M0YAL, Nov 12, 2016.

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    The bottom URL bar isn't the only new thing that's coming to Chrome for Android soon. Google is also working on building WebVR support into its web browser, and this one isn't an experimental thing. The company has revealed that Chrome's beta channel will get initial WebVR support in December.

    Then, in January, this should make its way to the stable Chrome browser for Android, the version most people use. In both cases, WebVR 1.1 will be supported. Once this is implemented, you'll be able to put your phone inside a Daydream or Cardboard VR headset and experience VR content on the web right in Chrome, no need to have any additional apps whatsoever.

    Following all this, at some point before the first half of 2017 is over, Chrome for Android will also get the VR Shell, which will allow you to browse 2D websites (that haven't been WebVR-optimized) in VR, with no changes required from the owners of said websites.

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