Will Sony's SmartEyeGlass "out glass" Google Glass?


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When it comes to smartphones these days, it seems like you just can’t have the completesmartphone experience unless you get other “smart” accessories to accompany it. So far it would seem that companies are really pushing the smartwatch as more and more manufacturers come out with their own, but another smart device is starting to get pushed as well, and that device would be smart glasses.

The first official pair of smart glasses to be released was, if you recall, Google Glass. You probably don’t hear a lot about Google Glass these days, probably because nobody talks about it anymore. Back in 2012, it seemed that Google Glass was all anybody could talk about. It seemed like a winner of a product at the time. Here you have this super futuristic looking gadget that could only come out of a movie, and you had this massively successful company behind the production. This same company that made a search engine, a web browser, a smartphone, and several other products and services wildly successful. Google Glass surely would be yet another home run for Google.

But something didn’t go according to plan. Google Glass seemed prestigious enough - perhaps a little too prestigious, even. With the device being sold for $1500, and only to people who were granted access into the program’s beta test access, it would seem like getting Google Glass was a bit of a far-off dream for a lot of people. There was also the fact that not a lot was even developed for the device at the time, and paying $1500 for something that didn’t do much was likely considered a rather frivolous purchase.

Even then, Google Glass was not exactly a wildly accepted concept to say the least. You couldn’t wear the device in movie theaters, while driving, or even in general public due to fear of secret recording or photo taking. Not only did the device not do much and cost a pretty penny, but you also couldn’t even really use it anywhere but your own home. As a result, Google Glass has gone under wraps again, and who knows if it will ever resurface for the general public.

If it doesn’t, though, it would seem like alternatives will be available soon: Sony will allegedly release their own smart glasses soon, called the Smart Eye Glass, and recent reports of apps surfacing in Google’s Play Store seems to support that notion.

Can Sony “out glass” Google?

On the one hand, it’s nice to see that Sony is already having applications developed for the device. On the other hand, the apps that have shown up are none other than Facebook and Twitter. They might be two of the most popular apps available, but they’re not exactly something I would want to purchase an entirely new device for. If I knew that the device would support something new, exciting, and really making the device worth purchasing then I might be a little more optimistic about it.