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Win a Nexus Live Case by leaving reviews on Google Maps

Discussion in 'Google - What's New?' started by M0YAL, Jun 6, 2016.

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    Local Guide users in the United States can enter a contest and win a $35 Nexus Live Case for the user that writes any high-quality (helpful) review on Google Maps’ Local Guides. Remember, Local Guides is Google’s recently rebranded system of user reviews on Google Maps.

    The contest opened today, June 6 and the closing date is June 30. Once signed up, users who submit reviews into Local Guides are entered for a drawing where 10 winners will be chosen and each given a code to redeem the Live Case of their choice. You must make the most high-quality reviews in order to be chosen as a winner.

    Criteria for high-quality review:

    • Spelling & grammar - is your review easy to read and understand?
    • Length - not too long, not to short.
    • Relevance - does your review content make sense for the place you're writing about?
    • Usefulness - will your review help others decide where to go?
    • Originality - how creative or original is your review style?
    • Capturing the spirit of the place - how well do you describe the atmosphere?
    • Writing style - how well written is your review?
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