Windows 10 Mobile just made these Flashlight apps worthless


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Mar 2, 2011
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Microsoft did something interesting when it released Windows 10 Mobile build 10536. The new update only brings a few features and several bug fixes, but outside of everything, the new flashlight feature is probably the most interesting.

The new feature is so simple and fundamental to the point where users won’t need to download a flashlight app from the Store. This is nothing but great news because the flashlight apps available in the Windows Store are usually intensive on the battery, and quite ugly to look at.

New flashlight feature in Windows 10 Mobile
With this new feature from Microsoft, there’s no ugly user interface to look at. The only downside we’ve seen, is that some flashlight apps have some cool features, but to us, they do not matter much when users just want to shine a light into the darkness when an Alien pops up.

We’re going to look at some of the flashlight apps that will be affected by this move. Bear in mind that many of these apps share the same name, which is pretty lame if you ask us.

Flashlight (Eyacker)

This flashlight app uses the LED Flash hardware to light up the darkness in your life. If your phone doesn’t have LED Flash, no problem, the app supports white screen. It separates itself from what Microsoft has done by introducing a compass and stroboscope. There’s even an SOS option for emergency situations.

Flashlight (Asleroid)

Pretty much the same thing as the flashlight app above. The big difference, it doesn’t have the stroboscope feature, and it supports in-app purchasing. Yeah, these guys are using a flashlight app to make some cash. Got to give thanks to Microsoft for baking the feature into Windows 10 Mobile.

Flashlight (Smalltech)

Does everything the ones above can do, but no support for SOS and stroboscope. The unique thing about this app is the annoying pop-up ads. These guys must have lost their minds; who monetizes a flashlight app to such an extent?

Flashlight (Tony Sakariya)

Our final pick of the day does everything the others can do including in-app purchasing. No advertisement and that’s good, but we are still not sold on in-app purchasing in a flashlight app, come on.

Overall, we’re glad that Microsoft has chosen to make a flashlight feature a central part of Windows 10 Mobile. Chances are, all these flashlight apps will meet a terrible end, and we can’t wait.


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Jun 11, 2019
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