Windows 10 startup automatic repair loop problems


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Hello everyone,,
I hope this is the right place for this question:
My computer recently had some problems (i assume with the graphics card) where sometimes I would be playing a game and it would freeze and the program would crash. Now normally that’s just an inconvenience and I could end the program and reboot it. But every so often it would just outright crash the graphics system all together and I would have to restart my computer. Recently this happened and it froze my computer so bad that the power buttons wouldn’t even work. So I shut off the power from the power source and now my computer is stuck in the automatic repair loop. Now I’ve looked online for options here and none that I have tried work at all. It won’t restart in safe mode, and it never makes it to the blue screen to give me the option to reset my computer. It just loops endlessly on screen or says something like “starting automatic repair” and then it cuts to black permanently.
How in the world do I even begin auto paint meter to fix this? I’ve swapped out my graphics card for a different one, even tried to swap the ram sticks/ remove all but one
Nothing I’ve tried that anyone has recommended me works. I just get the same screens when I restart it.
As far as hardware goes I have an RX 5700 XT, 16gb ram, H1 sniper motherboard, and an intel i5 processor from about 4 years ago (i can’t remember what the specifics are on it but I assume I’m going to have to replace it soon) I have a 256gb ssd and a 1tb hard drive