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Xiaomi Mi4 not alone, ZTE Nubia Z9 to run Windows 10 as well


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Jan 24, 2015
Microsoft is apparently partnering with multiple Chinese manufacturers to bring the future Windows 10 to as many devices as possible. The OS to rule them all was recently shown to be running on a Xiaomi Mi4, but now the live tiles have popped up on a ZTE Nubia Z9.

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Alleged ZTE Nubia Z9, running Windows 10

What's even more interesting is that the said smartphone has not been officially announced by the Chinese company. That doesn't in any way mean that the next-gen ZTE flagship is not a regular visitor to the rumor mill, though.

On the contrary, we've already witnessed the Nubia Z9 in live images, sporting crazy-slim bezels and an all-glass build. The innards were meanwhile disclosed by an Antutu listing, revealing that a Snapdragon 810 will power the 5.2-inch smartphone.

ZTE has been employing a crafty teasing technique to create hype around the upcoming company top dog, bringing it along to events, all the while remaining silent on the official channels. We're yet to see how that plays out in market figures when it does launch, but with another OS to choose from, its prospects are getting even brighter.

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