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Xiaomi Outs Global stable MIUI 7 ROMs for Mi 3,Mi 4,Mi Note,Redmi1S,Redmi 2 etc...

Discussion in 'Xiaomi - What's New?' started by Lilly, Oct 26, 2015.

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    S7 Edge
    MIUI 7 Global Stable Build Update Highlights

    Speed – 30% faster system response speed
    Convenience – 10% longer battery life
    Style – Personalize your style with 5 official themes
    Comfort – Adjustable Font sizes from small to HUGE (specially optimized for small screens)
    Fun — Enjoy custom Baby Albums
    Simplicity – Child Mode: Let your child play with your phone worry-free
    Showtime – Impress family and friends with a personalized profile picture/video when you call (India only)
    Exploration – Daily rotating photos on Lock Screen (India only)
    Productivity – Smart SMS grouping (India only)
    Productivity – Smart one-time password (OTP) handling (India only)

    MIUI 7 Global Stable Build Full Changelog

    System Optimization - System response speed increased by 30%, battery life improved by 10% (08-24)
    Optimization - Optimized clearing background apps mechanism with low RAM (08-27)
    Fix - Sometimes, Wi-Fi could not be scanned or connected (08-27)

    New - Personal profile upgraded to cloud namecard (10-19)
    Fix - FC error in some situations (10-21)

    New - Quick OTP (08-24)
    New - Smart SMS Filter (08-24)
    Optimization - Searching results display the newer messages on top (08-17)

    Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar
    New - Added notification page fold/unfold animated effects (08-07)
    New - Block notifications in notification shade by one press (08-18)
    New - Lockscreen magazine (08-24)
    Optimization - Optimized Notification shade brightness bar interactive style (08-07)
    Optimization - Optimized battery icon on status bar (08-07)
    Optimization - Optimized status bar display effects when using large font (08-10)
    Optimization - Optimized notifications' height when using large font (08-10)
    Optimization - Optimized 'Manage notifications' page display effect when using large font (08-10)
    Fix - Roaming icon did not disappear in some situations (08-10)
    Fix - Block button in some featured themes overlapped with clock widget (08-12)
    Fix - Notes widget display error when using large font (08-12)
    Fix - Pressing on toggles did not fold notification shade in Performance mode (08-19)
    Fix - Sometimes, unknown WiFi was displayed (08-24)

    Home screen
    New - Added Parental controls mode (08-10)
    New - Child mode (08-24)
    Optimization - Optimized display effect of live blur (08-07)
    Optimization - Optimized built-in widgets display effect when using large font (08-10)
    Optimization - Optimized One-handed mode launching speed (08-10)
    Optimization - Removed Settings and Security from Parental controls - Accessible apps list (08-11)
    Optimization - Assistant and Google Now cannot be launched in Parental controls mode (08-11)
    Optimization - Optimized prompt text when setting wallpaper in home screen editing mode (08-12)
    Optimization - Added time limit for entering the password repeatedly when exiting Child mode (08-24)
    Fix - Home screen reloaded after deep cleaning (08-11)
    Fix - A specific icon displayed repeatedly when using some themes (08-21)
    Fix - Child mode caused Settings to crash (08-24)
    Fix - The problem that one-handed mode can be activated when disabling the nevigation buttons (08-24)
    Fix - A specific icon displayed repeatedly when using some themes (08-28)

    New - Four new system UIs (08-24)

    New - Baby album: Group all baby images in one place, supports sending all images as a package and set the album as daily lockscreen (08-24)

    File Explorer
    New - Added real time search function (08-27)
    Optimization - Optimized files list loading speed (08-27)
    Optimization - Time of file changes will display in list mode (08-27)

    Optimization - Improved app cold start speed (08-24)
    Optimization - Background RAM usage decreased by 15% - 30% (08-24)

    Clock / Calculator
    New - When it's your birthday, the ringtone of morning alarm will change to “Happy Birthday” (08-24)

    Virus Scan
    New - Supports choosing from different virus definitions (08-26)

    Mi Cloud
    Fix - Sometimes, Mi Cloud rebooted repeatedly (10-19)