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Yet another set of One M9 Plus renders surface

Discussion in 'HTC - What's New?' started by Princess, Apr 3, 2015.

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    Another day, another HTC One M9 Plus leak. HTC's upcoming handset has been a constant presence in the rumor mill for the past few days and, as it turns out, leaked images are pretty easy to come by. Granted, all we have seen so far are renders, from various sources and they have been getting more and more frequent. We are yet to see some live shots of an actual unit, but, from the looks of things, the smartphone will certainly feature a physical button.

    This has been a long-standing debate about the M9 Plus and while one or two renders, could be deceiving in nature, evidence has started piling up and at this point, there is really no ignoring the big, round button, in the middle of the bottom Boom speaker. A brand new set of pictures only further proves this point.

    This time, the renders are really up close and personal and the overall design is as clear as daylight. All of the HTC One M9 is there, which is really no surprise, considering the company's track record of sticking with the particular unibody style. The elephant in the room, the button, has naturally led to a lot of controversy and is quite polarizing among fans. Another thing is also clear - HTC has preserved the wide black bar below the display, also, often criticized by users.


    As far as we know, the HTC One M9 Plus might debut with two different chipsets - a MediaTek MT6795 model could cater to the Asian markets, while a Snapdragon 810 version will be sold elsewhere. The rest of the device’s rumored specs include 5.2” QHD display 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of expandable memory. Cameras are likely to be 20.7 MP on the back and a 4MP Ultrapixel model on the front. The whole thing should be powered by a 2840 mAh, non-removable battery.

    31e62294f86982e10dc68eb75ff94168.jpg cb666e6c5ca3e3ff4ec97c405f8fe115.jpg fd6caad29a71ab21e6577a3a1c4db997.jpg 8d543793f66290cfaf9a751565680696.jpg fc7beff73229ab9629ba5872aebd1f0c.jpg a6ff31296de2f5e5e2af6e5524fb5283.jpg 7bdd3795f0e251aeac93952c33cb8b27.jpg ea5810c948ae77ce825e871ffbdddb5d.jpg 0b6bce8e7e48fb5090e37766bb77faf3.jpg 6d9d7c38d3e0e64b3ddf3ee665452fa3.jpg ebe35dc76e0dbb10f82705db93880a29.jpg 3d15421bc3f9d049b35b78aaf8a7e10c.jpg 0b74e3a81841a23e1c3d33158a57e906.jpg b3545b2127c0f2be0cfcd0724b0c59f8.jpg 52fb7184db1e79f2fd9e90b307cc899b.jpg 53d2a3f7298f9c44323b442d5787240a.jpg
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