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You can pre-order the deca-core ZOPO Speed 8 for $279.99

Discussion in 'Market Review - Latest Prices & Offers' started by M0YAL, Mar 23, 2016.

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    Remember the ZOPO Speed 8 from this year's MWC? If you do, then you must be into trivia as the Chinese handset is definitely memorable for one particular reason - being the first official deca-core smartphone. Don't get us wrong, we are not saying the Speed 8 doesn't have any other qualities going for it, but the MediaTek Helio X20 is undoubtedly the attention-grabber in the mix.


    Today the ZOPO has officially started its pre-order and initial shipping schedule, along with a $20 price discount. Luckily, to get the deal, you don't even have to rush all that much. Pre-orders will kick-off on March 28 and last for a whole month up until April 28. If you order within the period, you can pick up the phone at $279.99. It is also worth noting that pre-orders seem to be available already, only without the $20 discount.


    The first units should start shipping right after that and the Speed 8 will return its regular price of $299.99. As for the rest of the specs on the model, you get a 5.5-inch FullHD display, 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, all powered by a quite spacious 3600 mAh battery. Its camera setup consists of a 21MP main camera with a Sony IMX230 sensor, a dual-tone LED flash, and an 8MP selfie shooter. There is also a round fingerprint scanner on the back, and the USB port is of the new Type-C variety.

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