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If you don't want to (or can't) use OpenVPN mode and your application/game does not support connecting through a web or SOCKS proxy, you need a "socksifier". A "socksisier" sits in the middle between your application/game and the network and makes the application/game believe that is connecting normally while it is actually connecting through a proxy (the Your Freedom client in this case). There are several available, some for free, some for a donation, some for a more or less reasonable license fee, and some may work better for your application than others. The choice is yours. The list below is our choice of the available offerings. Some more details and configuration information can be found in our SOCKS howto.

  • WideCap

    WideCap is a free socksifier that integrates with the system network stack and does not rely on pre-loading a library like some other socksifiers. It works with many games and applications that cannot be used with socksifiers like SocksCap and FreeCap. We know it works well with Steam powered games.
  • FreeCap
    FreeCap is, as the name suggests, freeware. The author asks for a small donation if you like it. Download FreeCap from the author's download page. We like this best because it's free and easy to use, and it's good enough for many (but not all) applications.
  • SocksCap
    SocksCap used to be distributed for free (non-commercial use) by Permeo but is no longer available from their web page. There are loads of copies on the Internet though, just google for "sc32r240.exe download". The latest release is 2.40.
  • ProxyCap
    ProxyCap is a highly sophisticated (and somewhat difficult to use) socksifier. It comes with a 30 day free trial period. A license costs USD 30. Download it from the PROXYLABS home page.
  • Proxifier
    Proxifier is also a very clever piece of software. Testing for 31 days is free, a license costs USD 40. Plus it's also available for Mac OS X. Check it out on the Proxifier home page.
  • SuperSocks5Cap
  • Hummingbird Socks
    The Hummingbird suite contains a socksifier as well. It can be found on the Hummingbird web site.
  • Dante
    Dante is the de-facto standard in the Unix/Linux world. It's free. Download it from Inferno Nettverk's web site or just install it as part of your distribution (it's probably called "dante-client").
  • tsocks
    tsocks is another Unix/Linux world socksification tool, also free. It can be found on Sourceforge. There is a Mac OS X version as well.

We require that you maintain your PC in a safe state, free of viruses, worms and other malware, and ensure that it is not part of a bot net. If you have never worried about this before you should now (especially if you run Windows), and click this link in Internet Explorer: Microsoft Security Essentials - Microsoft Windows (it won't work in any other browser). Or go the whole hog and install a security suite. Here are some examples that are free of charge:
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Official website:
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Windows full installer:
Runs on any Windows PC (Windows 2000 or newer). No Java installation required. Recommended
Size: 15.35 MB
Android app:
Runs on Android devices that have Android 4.0 or newer installed. Older Android versions will not work. Please refer to the Android installation page for version history and other details.
Size: 4.75 MB
Java archive:
Runs on every Java 6 supporting system.
This is not an installer, you need to know how to manually install and run Java programs. Use this for Linux (how?).
Size: 1.94 MB
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