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YouTube to offer ad-free subscription service for videos

Discussion in 'Tech News World' started by Princess, Apr 9, 2015.

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    The video binge-watchers stay glued to the YouTube only if they have an AdBlock installed for uninterrupted entertainment. Meanwhile, several millions of users have to go through the YouTube ads to continue watching their 5 to 10 minute videos.


    YouTube is now working to eliminated the YouTube ads by offering an ads-free monthly subscription service through its Content Creators to the end users. By paying a monthly fee, you can enjoy watching videos from your favorite channels without wasting a second on the ads.

    For the Content Creators, the monthly ads-free subscription service will also be boon as YouTube will share 55% of revenues with them. And what will the creator gets from the subscription service will be decided by YouTube from several statistics such as monthly views, total watch time, and more.

    We wonder how many content creators would actually be happy with this new ads-free subscription service and also, it will be supplemental and not mandatory, hopefully. YouTube is yet to set the subscription fee for this service.

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