Zong And Warid 4G Huawei Wingle E8372h-153 Unlocking Process

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1. Get the Flash Code for your device here Huawei Flash Code

2. Download following firmware for downgrade - E8372_firmware_downgrade.7z before you flash it - check and remember your current firmware version. You may need it after complete unlocking process. Download Click Here

3. Now, Connect your E8372 to PC.

4. Now Install Flash P711s-WINGLE_Update_21. firmware from archive into device, using the Flash Code from step #1.

5. Get Huawei serial COM ports drivers pack – Huawei Driver v, unpack and install it. Download Click Here.

6. Get Huawei 2015 Code Reader software and launch it. Download Click Here

7. Press "1. Detect" button to get list of available COM-ports.

8. Choose FC - PC UI Interface from list and press "2. Click "Connect" button.

9. If all appears correct in a log window you can see info about your device, and Hash 1 and Hash 2 fields in the top of window must be filled. This is important. Check Hash 1 and Hash 2, before you go to the next step - this values must be filled.

10. Press "3. Process" button and wait 4-5 min. After process complete - you will receive IMEI and Encrypted

Hash 1 Hash 2
Block in Log window:

IMEI: 866457xxxxxxxxx

-- [ Begin Encrypted Block ] --
--- [ End Encrypted Block ] —

11. Now Send me ([email protected]) on your device screenshot data like this

12. Download Screenshot Software Click Here

13. Now Insert Your other Network Sim In Your Modem. Now It Will Ask Unlock Code I Will Provide You Unlock Code Only Rs.350 Via Easypaisa

WARNING NOTE: You should be aware that you use this instruction at your own risk (bricked device, wasted afternoon, etc). Nobody except you is responsible for any damage that is possibly done to your device. If you are not sure: don't know how to install drivers, haven't expirience with flashing huawei devices, etc - don't use it.

Contact No # xxxxx

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Hi Guys,
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